A beginning

This current adventure has been an exercise in experimentation and learning. Having purchased the D&D Starter Kit, a small group completed the initial prepackaged adventure. They then moved on to pursue greater excitement along the Scales of War Adventure Path.

While in Brindol, the town underwent a startling change (in name only) and became Red Shore. The party was joined by others (a second D&D group), blending the two nascent story lines.

The new party, made up of
  • Eladrin Wizard (Erdan),
  • Dragonborn Warlord (Kriv),
  • Tiefling Warlock (Weary),
  • Tiefling Cleric of the Raven Queen (Nemeia),
  • Half-Elf Ranger (Shea),
  • Drow Rogue (Nebin),
  • Dwarf Fighter (Braf),
  • Half-Orc Barbarian (Garon)

This group headed off to Rivenroar Castle which they are about to complete.

DMing has been done by me, so far, but Gary (Garon, above) will be sharing the load. We have sort of an “open” group, meaning that whoever shows up on game days (usually Sundays, though we’re going to try for some Saturday evenings) plays. The others, for now, are guarding some rescued prisoners from the goblins of Rivenroar.

So we’ll keep moving along and see where we go.

Beyond the Vast

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