Beyond the Vast

Red Shore Infected

Enter: The Avanck

After the experience with the magical apples, the party was looking forward to relaxing in an inn with a well-stocked bar and larder. As they approached the town, they instantly knew that something was very wrong. They could see small plumes of smoke rising from various parts of Red Shore. As they got closer, they noticed a particularly disturbing odor on the air: the odor of burning flesh. As they neared the gates, they saw two city guards battling two figures. It appeared that they were fighting two townsfolk. But on closer observation, it became apparent that the townspeople were undead zombies. One of the guards had already fallen before the assault. Instantly, Braf leapt into the fray, fending off one of the undead. Garhan pummeled the creatures with magical fire while Lora case a spell that weakened them. As the zombies fell, three city guards approached on horseback. They were delivering a message from the



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