Beyond the Vast

Entering the Mausoleum

10/26/09 Following their successful victory over the goblin vermin in the entry chamber, Nemeia, Shea, Nebin, and Erdan were joined by Braf (Dwarf Fighter) and Garon (Half-Orc Barbarian). The newcomers explained that Councilmenber Troyas had sent them after the others because he wanted to ensure the party’s success. Sending reinforcements would improve the likelihood of success, despite the apparent simple-minded nature of the Half-Orc.

The party elected to head down the corridor that read “Von Jallach Crypt.” After descending a short flight of stairs, they came upon a room with a large square bounded by glowing runes. No sooner had they entered the room than they were accosted by two swarms of needlefang drakes and 2 gnomes. Garon and Braf leapt into the fray, attacking the gnomes. As the Needlefangs started to attack, Erdan cast a spell, killing off several of the creatures. Meanwhile, as he attempted to flank one of the gnomes, Braf stepped on one of the runes and was jolted by an surge of power. All party members avoided the runes for the remainder of the battle. Shea and Nebin sat back and fired their weapons at the gnomes and the needlefangs, causing the gnomes to wail in pain, and killing off more of the needlefangs. Despite taking damage, Nemeia petitioned the Raven Queen to intercede on the behalf of Braf and Garon, healing nearly all their wounds. With a final magical word, Erdan caused a cloud of daggers to appear near the two gnomes, killing one and seriously wounding the other. At this point, something very disturbing happened: the wounded gnome disappeared from sight. None of the party members could see the villain, so they began to focus on the needlefang creatures. By chance, one of Erdan’s spells, cast at a swarm of needlefangs, also caught the skulking gnome unawares, nearly killing it. Braf immediately attacked the gnome, killing it. The remaining needlefangs did not last long under the focused attention of the entire party. With the room emptied of the threat, the party began to explore. Other than the runes and some inscriptions above the doors, there was little of interest in the room. Soon, they heard sounds from an adjoining room. After being surprised in the room of runes, they were very careful to thoroughly inspect the room before proceeding in. Once in, they found Andronsius the Alchemist chained to a wall. Before anyone could say anything, Garon swung his sword and broke the Alchemist’s bindings, freeing him.

The group decided at this point to attempt to find a safe spot in the nearby wilderness where they could hide the dwarf. They were concerned for his health at this point, but didn’t want to make the lengthy return trip to Red Shore. After combining their various skills, and several hours of searching, the party found a small cave that was well hidden from sight. The cave was large enough for the entire party and certainly large enough for the dwarf to convalesce for a time.

The party returned to the mausoleum. Having explored the Von Jallach crypt, they elected to head down the opposite door, the one that read “Von Urstadt.” After passing through a short corridor, they came upon a small group of goblins and hobgoblins. They quickly dispatched these vermin and noticed a pair down a visible hallway that was blocked by a portcullis. While Shea attempted to pepper them with arrows, Nebin found a lever that raised the portcullis. Braf and Garon slipped under the opening barrier and raced down the hall to engage the goblins. Jumping across a small fissure in the floor, they attacked. Though one of the cowards attempted to escape, they were both dispatched before they could warn others in the crypt. Kicking the corpses into the fissure, the party noted that through the fissure in the floor they could see a large room. The floor of the room appeared to be sparsely covered with strange looking mushrooms. Nothing else could be seen.



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