Beyond the Vast

Continuing into the mausoleum

Having cleared the hallway of vermin, the party (Nebin, Shea, Garon, and Braf; Nemeia and Erdan stayed back to guard Andronsius in the cave) passed into a strange room that was empty except for a floating picture in the middle of the room. Nebin checked out the picture and found that it had no substance and appeared to be a projection of some sort. Suddently, the picture shimmered eerily and an Ochre Jelly came slithering through. Apparently, the picture was some sort of portal to another realm. The party battled the oozing creature. As they made headway in killing it, they were suddenly attacked from the rear by two spectres. Under the combined attacks of the four heroes, the creatures didn’t last long.

Passing through another corridor, the party found themselves in a room with alcoves on the walls and bodies (skeletal remains, really) in the alcoves. Mysteriously, as they surveyed the room, one of the doors swung open. A few seconds later, two terrifying creatures of fire and molten rock passed through the door. Summoned from some nether region, the creatures immediately attacked the party. Their heat was overwhelming, but Braf and Garon showed no fear as they leapt into the fray. Shea sat back and fired arrow after arrow into the hellish creatures. Though they were injured by the scalding beasts, Braf and Garon continued to battle heroically. Nebin stealthily attacked from the rear, flanking one of the beasts and quickly dispatching it with a flurry from his dagges. Suddenly, two cowardly gnomes appeared from nowhere and beset Garon and Shea. After they killed the second fire creature and one of the gnomes, the second gnome disappeared and was heard scurrying away, yelping in pain. The party heard a call for help from beyond the door that had mysteriously swung open. They found anohter prisoner in this room. Nebin picked the lock on the door and released the man named Sertanian. He was quickly identified as a “pain in the ass” (as Garon put it.) The party elected to remove him to the cave and let him rest up there. Though he complained and disputed this decision, he ultimately relented. Before they left the mausoleum, they searched the remains of the bodies in the alcoves. They discovered some very useful items, including a Leather armor set and a very nice magic shortsword.

After taking a lengthy rest and eating some of their provisions, the party returned, well rested, to the alcove room of the mausoleum.



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